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NGUVU [in-goo-voo] simply means ‘strength’. Also known as ‘The quality of being a woman’. Strong, Capable and Productive – NGUVU.

NGUVU SheaCare

Female-led; Black-owned; Made in Ghana


Skin & hair care products that are

Bitter Leaf Shea Hair Food Review
I usually struggle finding hair products that work, but this hair food is making my hair thicker. Slowly but surely. And it makes it feel moisturised and soft


Customer on Etsy

Tkay Masiiwa
Fruit Cocktail Shea Lip Therapy Review
I love this lip balm! It keeps my lips moisturised for a good while and it smells so good too. Definitely not going back to Vaseline or Carmex after trying this.

Tkay Masiiwa

Customer on Etsy

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NGUVU Foundation

NGUVU Foundation

As a social brand, we strive to provide fair terms of trade for our cooperative group. Click below to find out more about The NGUVU Foundation.