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Help your friend manage facial hair with a beard grooming kit Christmas gift.

Nguvu February 15, 2019 0 comments

Help your friend manage facial hair with a beard grooming kit Christmas gift.

Growing a beard and keeping it nice and healthy are two different things. Many men grow a beard and think it will take care of itself and make no extra efforts to maintain it. Consequently, the beard becomes itchy and shabby, which creates a wrong impression of the man.

If you have a friend who struggles to keep a healthy and stylized beard, then Christmas is the time you can help. Just offer him a beard grooming kit for Christmas, and he will thank you for that excellent present. The kit comes with valuable products such as shea butter to feed the beard with nutrients for its healthy growth.

Thankfully, beard management, nourishment, and styling are easier with appropriate organic products with the kit.

Here are helpful beard grooming kits that you can offer to your friends as a Christmas gift.

NGVU is home to multiple products for men when it comes to taking good care of their otherwise unmanageable beards. You need to have a quality beard caring set that should include the right comb, scissors, brush, African black soap, and oil to help keep a healthy look of your beard. The kits are priced to suit different budgets.

Men’s Wooden Comb Set

You can buy a Men’s Wooden Comb Set as a Christmas gift that comes with some elementary products such as a wooden comb, brush, and scissors. But simply combing and brushing your beard will not help.


50ml Black Castor Beard Oil

Good beard care is incomplete without messaging it with suitable oils. So, a 50ml Black Castor Beard Oil will serve the purpose. It makes beard grooming easy since you use unique natural oils to soften and moisturise your beard and skin. Regular use of the oil strengthens beard hair follicles for healthy hair growth. The oil is 100% natural and vegan-friendly. It is cold-pressed and recyclable. You can also present Oud Royal Beard Oil as a Christmas gift to your friends.


Beard Shampoo

How about presenting a bottle of beard shampoo? That will be a great Christmas gift.

The shampoo is a proven way to cleanse and moisturise your beard and grow a thicker, stronger, and healthier beard.


Platinum Man Grooming Kit

Your friend will be surprised to get a Platinum Man Grooming Kit as both beard grooming and skincare products. With this kit, you get a complete skin and beard grooming kit for men, and it contains 200g Blue Water Shea Body Butter, 120ml Ghana Black Soap beard shampoo, 50ml Oud Royal beard oil, 30g Shea Lip Therapy, Nguvu Comb, Brush & Scissors set.

So, get your friend or brother started with a beard grooming kit this Christmas.

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